The Sawae'd Atheeb Committee

Founded and Chaired by HRH Princess Maha Bint Abdulaziz in February 2011, the Sawa'ed Atheeb Volunteer Committee wasestablished to identify, recruit and enlist future leaders that can make positive and worthwhile changes in their local societies.

Hand-picked for their unique abilities and passion for philanthropy, the volunteer committee members are in charge of seeking potential projects, brainstorming solutions as well as acting as ambassadors for the Social Development Division.


With only six degrees separating each individual from the next, Sawa’ed Atheeb aims to strengthen these ties, establishing a committee that will serve as the foundation for major changes within the Kingdom.


Ingrained into our culture, religion and ethos, volunteerism is a vital part of our social unity, required for building a brighter future. It is our mission to spread this philosophy across the Kingdom to initiate change and benefit our society.


  • Set standards for best practice in volunteerism within the Kingdom
  • Train and educate members on the most effective and proactive ways to volunteer
  • Strengthen the relationship between society’s individuals, creating a stronger network through which change can be implemented
  • Benefit from the youth’s capabilities, insights and opinions
  • Implement volunteer activities and initiatives
  • Represent the best image of the Kingdom’s youth, to showcase the positive and constructive efforts taken to initiate worthwhile change


"I do solemnly proclaim, that here on this day, I have voluntarily enlisted myself as a Sawa’ed Solider, for the duration of 1-year unless sooner discharged. I bind myself to the rules and regulations outlined by Sawa’ed Atheeb, that include but are not limited to; keeping all discussions and information exchanged in my presence confidential, treating all Sawa’ed members and volunteers equally and with respect, maintaining a high level of professionalism both at work as well as in the public domain, and acting honorably when representing Sawa’ed Atheeb to uphold the reputation and status of our Committee. I hereby declare that I will honor my commitment to Sawa’ed Atheeb and adhere to the guidelines stated."

Application Process

Can individuals who live abroad still volunteer?

Yes, individuals who live abroad can apply to volunteer within our projects, dependent upon if they are locally available and accessible within Saudi during the period of the project(s). We will keep volunteers up-to-date with all initiatives as they are approved, in order to ensure that interested parties can participate upon their availability.


If you are interested in applying to be part of the Sawa’ed Atheeb Committee please find below a list of characteristics and conditions that are requisite for consideration:

  • Demonstrated Leadership Abilities
  • Dedicated and Committed
  • Out-of-the-box thinker
  • Passionate about philanthropy
  • Female between the ages of 15-25 years
If you have the above capabilities and satisfy all the conditions listed, then please complete the application form provided and we will get back to you shortly.

Sawa'ed Atheeb is a committee that was fabricated to shape a solid platform for each one of us. Here, we grasp techniques and practice developing leadership skills, team spirit virtuosity and community service ethics. It is a setting for us youths to grow - personally and professionally. We all learn from each other and help each other out. I have personally never felt more at home than I do when I'm with our group, they are my family- Maha Bint Abdulaziz - Founder & Chair -

Sawaed Atheeb is a promising idea, I hope that these youths are writing a great story of success- Mrs. Rayya Thallaj - Contributor -

Nothing better than satisfying yourself spiritually, physically and socially. Volunteering for Sawaed Atheeb is exactly what the Saudi youth were missing.- Abdulaziz Al Angari -

Sawaed Atheeb has given me unconditionally in the sake of developing our own society. The sky is the limit when it comes to giving in our Sawaed Atheeb family- Haila AlAjlan - Founding Member -

Sawaed Atheeb motivated me and got me inspired to help my society- Ohoud AlAraify - Founding Member -

Words can't articulate what this experience added to me as a person, never thought I would learn so much in several days. Thanks atheeb for making us a part of this good cause!- Salman Al Assiri -

Working in Sawaed Atheeb has made me believe I can work and show my skills- Nayfa bint Abdullah - Founding Member -

Sawaed Atheeb is basically a small family that loves wrapping their arms around those who need a long hug or a gentle pat on the back, or maybe just give a hand to those who have tripped and need a helping hand. Sawaed Atheeb is an inspirational place, one where ideas filled with great creativity like butterflies as they are colorful and creative, not to mention they make you smile- Ghada Almuhana - Director, Social Development -